Adrian Vásquez, the Colombian touch, is a pianist and singer that has embedded in her core the Colombian traditional rythms. As a singer, Adriana was part of the “Fesstival Nacional de Bullerengue” and  the “Festival de Música del Pacífico Petronio Alvarez”. She participated in the “Festival Internacional de Jazz” and the “Festival Internacional Ajazzgo” as a pianist of the Juan Sebastian Monsalve Trio.  She also was part of the Victoria Sur band, and with them she performed at the “Festival de Jazz de Manizales” in the Alfa Romeo World Music Season and “Jazz Domingo”. Also, she was invited to the “Fesrival Iberoamericano de Teatro”alongside “Comadre Araña”.

Actually, Adriana is  a vocal coach in the groups categories at the “Factor Xs”, a broadcast of the RCN channel  and is also a professor at the Pontifcia Universidad Javeriana.

The Cuban frontside is Carlos Taboada, pianist and producer. At fourteen, he was part of the Children’s song Cuban festival “Cantándole al Sol” and received many positive critics from the alwas demanding Cuban audience. . From the moment he arrived in Colombia, Carlos has made music his enterprise, playing alongside important local artists such as Marbele, Margarta Rosa de Francisco, Santiago Cruz, A dos Velas, Jorge Cárdenas, Juan Consuegra, Moris y los del Sitio, Carolina Muñoz… the list goes on. He received awards at the “Festival Mono Nuñez” , the “Festival de Antioquia le canta a Colombia” and the “Concurso Nacional del  Bambuco Luis Carlos González” as a pianist for Carolina Muñoz. Carlos has performed a great deal of Colombian music in several european countries. He has recorded over 50 CD’s  of varying musical genres and in some of these records, his producing sand arranging skills have been put to test: Carlos has arranged and produce music for Jorge Cárdenas, Manu (the former vocalist of “Los Tri-o”), Gilberto Daza, Juan Riveros, Marbelle and Gusi & Beto, nominated to the latin Grammys as best Vallenato Album.

Aguambó Ire, new Colombian-Cuban electronic folklore.Sonorities traveling back and forth, from coast to coast, from Buenaventura to La Habana, from la Sierra to los Andes, from the countryside to the big cities in a miriad of colors and textures that touch the soul with every song.  From Bambuco to Bullerengue, going to the Son and the particular feeling of the Batá Drums. All this places and sounds are part of the backbone of the group.


Its first record “Aguambó Iré” is the aftermath of all this curious and magical ingredients. Their first single “Dibujando” was aired for the first time in July 2011 in the Radio Nacional de Colombia, the largest radio broadcasting company from Colombia and was for 22 consecutive weeks in the Top 20 and in three of thees weeks, the single was number one.

In the same month, Aguambó Ire won the Instituto Distrital de las Artes competition in the “Other Proposals” category.

The same single  made also part of the Canal Viva Colombia´s TOP10.

This year, their second single, the version of “la melodía” from the same record, has now completed 7 weeks in the top20, currently in the 1st position of the chart!!!!.

  • Anuncios importantes

    Tenemos un regalo para todos! Sólo por hoy Miércoles 30 de Mayo, podrán descargar completamente GRATIS nuestra canción "Dibujando" a través de la página de la Radio Nacional de Colombia

    Aguambó Iré y Lucho Hermida presentes en el CD Global Rockstar, luego de un concurso mundial para la música de (Río+20). Estamos muy contentos de ser los representantes de Colombia y latinoamérica!!!!!!!!!! Somos el punto verde!

    Upcoming shows!
    Julio 7, Trementina (Bogotá)